The Green Standard for the World

There are several key inputs required for any company to survive and flourish:

We’ve done our homework. We know that many of our peers in this space do indeed have several of these key factors well in hand. By and large, a few of us will deliver a product that is quite similar, if not identical, just like you have several oil companies selling more or less the same gasoline. Whether or not consumers think on a day-to-day basis that they want an alternative fuel, most people do know that they want a cheaper product and potentially, a fuel less damaging to the environment.

The advantage that sets BIOJAM apart from all of the players in this market is the FACT that BIOJAM has engaged a buyer, ready and willing to purchase the first drops of oil releases from our future refinery. Fuel is NOT a direct to consumer product. It flows through multiple channels before it ever gets into your gas tank. And unfortunately, consumer pressure alone will not bring alternative fuels to the pump on a large scale basis. There has to be a greater interest pushing for it, and in most cases, that influence is a government or top corporation, working in tandem with a government.