The Green Standard for the World

Christian Strachan, Chairman & Managing Director

Christian Strachan started his professional experience with Johnson & Johnson in a role that would launch a career spanning from pharmaceutical sales to advertising to marketing consulting across a range of companies. He was appointed CEO of Avenus, LLC, a boutique strategic management consulting firm that helped connect Fortune 500 executives with experienced women and minority firms holding pedigrees from top ‘shops’ like McKinsey & Company and Mercer Consulting. Mr. Strachan has assisted the leadership of Fortune 500 companies in improving their sales, strategy, marketing, diversity initiatives and vendor outsourcing initiatives.

Mr. Strachan attended Northwestern University for his undergraduate degree and completed his MBA at the George Washington School of Business, concentrating on International Business, where he presided over the Board of the Full-time MBA Association as Chapter President. It was at business school where Mr. Strachan studied and worked with world renowned technology forecaster, William Halal, PhD, to help launch the emerging technologies incubator He has developed an expansive list of industry contacts with leading CEOs of America’s top companies and the current leadership of Jamaica. Mr. Strachan currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Organization for Strategic Development in Jamaica.

Nishea Clark, Executive Vice President

Ms. Clark has fifteen plus years of experience working at some of the top advertising firms in the US and consulting for Fortune 50 corporations. Her experiences have ranged from general marketing and market research to strategic planning and multicultural marketing. Formerly a Director with Citicorp Diner’s Club, Ms. Clark began consulting in 2002 in order to fill a void in the marketing space – the lack of consultants with corporate experience who also understand the complexities of the current US emerging marketplace. Integrating diversity and global perspectives into corporate marketing programs is no longer a nice thought but a business imperative. Further, Ms. Clark seeks to serve a business community limited by ever shrinking budgets and ever increasing responsibilities.

Ms. Clark is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism undergraduate and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in marketing and international business. She has lectured at Kellogg, the Goizueta Graduate School at Emory University and Columbia College. During her tenure as a consultant, she has served a variety of clients including the Tiger Woods Foundation, T. Rowe Price, Johnson & Johnson, XM Satellite Radio and The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

Antonio Daniels, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Antonio Daniels is one of the leading network technologists in the country. He has designed and deployed cutting edge convergence platforms for companies such as Nortel Networks, AT&T, QWEST, and RCN Communications. As Chief Technology Officer for the Bureau of Communications and Computer Services, Mr. Daniels provided strategic technical vision and operational expertise for the State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services. Under Mr. Daniels’ leadership, the Illinois Century Network was able to take on an expanded role that provided carrier class MPLS network services to many key State agencies. Mr. Daniels’ senior level leadership experiences include Vice President for Technology of Universal Access Inc, Director of Engineering for Grande Communications, and Sales Engineering Manager for Nortel Networks.

Mr. Daniels holds BS Electrical Engineering and MS Electrical engineering degrees from Northwestern University.

Tchad K. Blair, Senior Vice President, Web Innovations

Tchad Blair comes to the BIOJAM team with more than 12 years experience in web technology, beginning in the late ’90s as the internet emerged as new media platform. Mr. Blair is an expert in information architecture, user interface design, and interactive media design. Mr. Blair has led the development of several large scale web applications, including projects for the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the American Chemical Society. In general, he has successfully executed various web-based strategies to maximize methods of effective communication and outreach for scientific organizations. He also has experience developing mobile and web applications for fortune 500, political and celebrity clientele.

Additionally, Mr. Blair has experience in sales and marketing, with successful stints managing state-wide sales teams and delivering record level revenues. Tchad’s communication background has enabled him to be successful in these differing environments. Specifically, his experience in sales and marketing coupled with his expertise in web technologies has enabled him to uniquely and consistently produce results with web projects rapidly, precisely, and under-budget for his clients.

Mr. Blair is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Communication Studies Program. Much of his spare time is spent mentoring high school students and volunteering as a soccer coach.

Marcus C. Cook, Director of Investor Relations

A native of Chicago, Marcus Cook has dedicated his personal and professional career to the pursuit of achievement against any odds. In his youth, Mr. Cook earned an academic scholarship through the Link Unlimited Sponsorship Program to attend a private college prep in Chicago. His sponsor was Bill Lewis (former head of global banking at financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley, managing director and co-chair of Investment banking at Lazard, director of Darden Restaurants) who became his role model and mentor. Mr. Cook went on to Northwestern University where he obtained a BA in Sociology/Business Institutions & was a John Evans Scholar and a Division 1A Wrestler.

Mr. Cook has over a decade of sales, financial and management experience and has owned several successful small businesses. He has proven himself an accomplished professional and entrepreneur. Mr. Cook worked for companies such as Northwestern Mutual, Primerica, and Southwestern Bell where he developed his sales and management skills. At Southwestern Bell, as a sales professional and manager, he was within the top 10% of all sales reps in the U.S. and developed valuable sales training for the company.

Mr. Cook later entered the world of commodities and energy trading where he quickly moved up the ladder. He quickly became a top broker, supervisor and trainer and in less than three years was able to negotiate opening and managing the Wall Street office for Tiger Financial, the top retail commodity firm in the country at the time. When he returned to the Chicago office, he increased revenues by over 300%. He has also been a Principal and Vice President for a boutique Wall Street Firm, Blue Fish Commodities.

Mr. Cook is excited to be a partner of BIOJAM so he can continue pushing beyond the limits of expectation and leave behind a legacy of better jobs and a cleaner environment for the future.

Ryan Tucker, Technology Advisor

Ryan T. Tucker PhD is the Chief Scientist and Global Technology Director of Specialized Technology Resources’ Solar Division, the leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) module encapsulant and packaging materials. In this position, he oversees all research, product development, and technical service activities for STR Solar world wide. Under his direction, the STR Solar’s Technology Group has cemented STR Solar’s leadership in the industry with cutting-edge new products that have expanded the performance of traditional encapsulant materials with enhanced capabilities and introduced novel products that are enabling newer PV technologies that focus on lowering the costs of PV power.

Dr. Tucker received his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University in 1995 and a Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut’s Polymer Program in 2000. His doctoral thesis focused on structure-property relationships and phase behavior of ion-containing polymer blends. During Dr. Tucker’s time at Connecticut’s Polymer Program, he did collaborative research work with scientists at the Institute Laue-Langevin (France), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Argonne National Laboratory, which prepared him for the global work that he currently leads at his present position with STR Solar.

Dr. Tucker has been with STR Solar for the past nine (9) years and over these years has helped lead STR Solar’s aggressive growth from a small, single-location business unit to a large, multi-national company that operates three factories in North America and two factories in Spain and Malaysia. During this impressive expansion that saw STR Solar grow by 12X, Dr. Tucker has chosen, mentored, and lead parts of STR Solar’s management team across all of the locations. Dr. Tucker is the author or coauthor of 15 academic and solar-specific papers.