The Green Standard for the World

BIOJAM Story and Background

Put together six friends from Northwestern University, plus three professional colleagues added to two countries desperately in need of fuel solutions. Then add a lot of sunshine and carbon dioxide and you’ll see an amazing dream turn into the reality that is BIOJAM, Inc.

While there are literally hundreds of companies all racing to find the best alternative fuel solution, very few have the real capability to turn a stalk of corn or a bag of sugar into fuel for the car in your garage today. And worse, those that can, will inevitably have to sacrifice generations of food producing farm land for a limited amount of fuel that costs the environment as much to make as it saves by offsetting the need for petroleum based fuel. BIOJAM understands that the true alternative fuel is not one which trades one destructive practice for another or robs hundreds of thousands of people of the food they need to survive.

The next alternative, the REAL alternative, is a fuel source that is not food, does not cause deforestation and can be grown quickly, with limited resources. That solution is Algae. It’s been called “green gold”, and the “Holy Grail”. What we know is that it works and can be used in today’s automobiles and refinery systems with no or slight modification. Most importantly, algae feeds on CO2 eliminating harmful carbon emissions caused from other sources in addition to reducing carbon emissions by 75% when used as biodiesel verses regular diesel. This will ultimately result in lower costs to you and a cleaner, safer planet for generations to come. This will also result in employment for thousands of displaced workers in some of the poorest regions of the world and the development of a new industry. BIOJAM is committed to creating environmental and economic sustainability in the communities we serve.

Now, only one question remains. Do you want to be a part of this story now and profit from its creation, or wait until you’re just another consumer of the next Apple, Chevron or McDonalds?