The Green Standard for the World

BIOJAM – Revolutionary Vision To Help Save Our Future

BIOJAM, Inc. has partnered with the preeminent universities and research partners in North America to produce ready-to-market fuels such as algae crude, bio-diesel and clean gasoline; and develop a production process that can help replenish our environment. We have utilized algae as the foundation for a revolutionary new energy company, committed to creating opportunities where only poverty and struggle have existed.

More than a mere oil company, BIOJAM is not only selling fuel but a vision for how the next generation of successful business ventures will have to operate. BIOJAM will PUMP energy and economic independence into local economies, FILL our communities with job opportunities both internal and external to BIOJAM, DRIVE more equitable access to fuel and POWER generations to come with skills, and technology. BIOJAM has created a business model to SUSTAIN future generations with the energy resource we desperately need.

At BIOJAM, we believe that our core products are not only our clean, renewable fuels, but our ability to utilize non-arable land, put displaced laborers back to work, cleanse polluted water and create clean air where there was once only toxic vapor.

Beyond our core fuel products, BIOJAM will also develop a portfolio of bi-products which leverage our vision of eliminating waste while maximizing every aspect of the production process. These additional products include:

  • Glycerin
  • Animal Feed
  • Jet Fuel

BIOJAM: more than a green fuel, we are a green revolution.